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Make any smartphone a contact-less digital key to multiple buildings and spaces.

SmartAirKey transforms the way organizations control access. Digital keys replace plastic cards to give employees, contractors, visitors, residents and tenants a mobile access experience they love, while reinforcing security and delivering AI-powered analytics.


Smart Reader

Mobile App

Cloud Software

SmartAirKey provides cloud service and hardware in the form of readers stationed at the entranceways (doors, turnstiles, elevators, parking). Users get access from a mobile app (iOs, Android) downloaded to their smartphones. Administrators manage access using an intuitive dashboard.

  • 0,99 per month for digital key (cloud service)
  • 99 per reader (with no fees further)
  • Free download app
  • Add to existing access management system or install from scratch

Fits All. Empowers You.

The most reliable, secure and cost-efficient mobile access management for private and public organizations


Mobile entry solution easily integrated with all existing access systems


Time-saving and cost-effective mobile access for employees and visitors.


Frictionless entry to lobbies, parking spaces and elevators.


Enrich flexibility and comfort for co-workers eliminating plastic cards.


Manage access of couriers to pick-up locations. Keep up with constant staff changes.


Reliable and secure solution for hospitals, public institutions, campuses



Hands-free, encrypted

  • Hands-free is our unique feature and one the most challenging BLE-based technologies to implement. In regular BLE access systems, the access controller and the phone establish a direct 1:1 link activated by click, whereas 'hands-free’ requires the controller and the phone simultaneously sustain and analyze multiple connections. That makes the entire software and device significantly more complex. None of competitors offers this function.
  • ‘Hands-free’ is more than comfort, it is an important option for medical staff, police.

Simple, cost-efficient

  • We managed to integrated reader and controller in one single device. That makes our hardware very easy to install and maintain.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE

  • We utilize simultaneous Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular signals to unlock doors smoothly from any smartphone even if Internet is down, or cell service is spotty.


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